Spring trend alert! Fishnet Socks are big this season! Paired with a simple slip dress and sneakers or raw denim and boots, you can add the subtle touch of a cool pair of socks to a minimal outfit for ultimate ‘on trend’ impact. Our Diamante and Henna Socks are the ones!


Diamante Socks

The Diamante socks provides you the chic quality of fancy tights in a comfortable versatile sock. The large fishnet design adds an avant garde flare when seen peeking out under cut off jeans or paired with sexy pumps. You can make a unique and memorable statement with a simple change of your socks.

Henna Socks

Mimicking the beauty of henna designs, these fun socks can spruce up any day to night outfit. Wear them with closed or open toe shoes or underneath jeans for a hint a fun. You really can’t go wrong.


Taking the fishnet trend up a notch, you can be on trend but still be an individual, a leader of the pack!  Here are some styling pics for inspo:

Diamante Socks with boots Diamante Socks with Jeans


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Henna tattoos are the source of inspiration for our Henna Socks.

Origin of Henna

The art of henna (called mehndi in Hindi & Urdu) has been practiced for over 5000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East. Because henna has natural cooling properties, people of the desert, for centuries, have been using henna to cool down their bodies.  They make a paste of henna and soak their palms and soles of the feet in it to get an air conditioning affect.  They feel its cooling sensation throughout the body for as long as the henna stain remains on their skin.  Initially, as the stain faded away, it left patterns on the skin surface which led to ideas to make designs for decorative purposes.  In the ancient Egyptian times mummies wore henna designs and it is documented that Cleopatra herself used henna for decorative purposes.

Henna was not only a popular adornment for the rich but the poor, who could not afford jewelry, used it to decorate their bodies as well.

Adorn your body with henna tattoos and henna socks this summer. It will add the perfect amount of flair to your summer digs.

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Meet Cax

Age: 26

Occupation: Travel & Lifestyle Blogger/ Model / Body Positive Advocate

Instagram: @caxmee

Hometown: Born in Brooklyn, raised in Montreal and Haiti

Favorite Leisure Activity: ‘Swimming and rock climbing. Usually anything that allows me to challenge myself physically.’

What makes you free?: “Travel makes me free. I’m able to go to unfamiliar places and meet strangers while completely and unapologetically be myself.”

What makes you unique?: “My ability to love myself, admire my strength, and define myself however pleases me. ”


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Meet Moira Tumas

Age: 24

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @moiratumas

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Favorite Leisure Activity: Stand up paddle boarding and hot yoga

What makes you free?: “Being a woman and having a voice”

What makes you unique?: “Having the universal blood type that everyone can use. It also makes my skin sweet, I get a lot of mosquito bites.”


Moira wears the Lucy Ling-line Bra and Underwear with Detachable Garters. Get your own Lucy Set and wear it how you want to wear it. Shop Here