#Emuse Gia Genevieve

The sultry Gia Genevieve sexes up her wardrobe with the classic Erica M. Nadia tights.

Gia Genevieve is quickly climbing the ladder in the modeling industry to become one of the most memorable faces of the 21st century. Her look is undoubtedly as captivating as our favorite Hollywood icons such as Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe.

Here are some our favorite shots of Gia in Erica M. pieces.













Gia Genevieve in the Erica M. Azza tights. Gia Genevieve suits up in the sassy Naomi Catsuit by Erica M. Gia Genevieve add her own dark glam vibe to the Erica M. Kia stockings Let Gia Genevieve whip you into a sexy new shape with the Yosrabody suit by Erica M.



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